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     The first setter began living with us in 1984. It did not occur to us at the time that from than on those dogs would remain with us forever. The real adventure with cynology began when an Irish setter 'Aura Andromeda Gwiazdozbiór Marzeń'  came to us . AJKA became the precursor of "Orszak Chrobrego" kennel and infected us with an 'exhibition virus'. In no period of time another English setter joined  the 'Orszak'- a bitch Bryza Bellatrix Gwiazdozbiór Marzeń BELLA and thereafter we knew that our breeding would be based on those two breeds. The image of the setter, which we have dreamt about, has been shaped in our minds year by year. We have never got off the chosen path. 
     The classic British type, which refers to the dogs coming from the best years for both races and based on the unrivaled Suntop line( for English Setter) and Wendover line (from which the most beautiful Irish Setters derive) led us the way in choosing dogs for the development of our breeding. By that means came to us LENA - a bitch from Russia with a purely British lineage. Then came from England- first DANNY -Kerrimer Winter Wine and then in a sequence JOHNY - Wansleydale Orszak Prince and WILLY - Jacwilins Perfect Isn't Easy. The youngest member of Orszak became JAMES - Quensha Night Fever, which we believe will be a worthy continuator of JOHN's success.
     Our dogs are shown at exhibitions across Europe. They win the titles and championships of many countries: Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Lithuania and the most valuable for setters - England.
    From time to time, in our breeding apear puppies. The new owners? joy of their possession is a great reward for our efforts to provide new houses with  healthy dogs with a stable psyche, which all come from Orszak Chrobrego, and which are the eptiome of all that we love setters for.